What Is Prediabetes?

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The whole area of prediabetes is pretty interesting because a lot of care givers they blow it off. They say, oh, no problem, you don't have to worry come back in a couple years, but when you have prediabetes. Your blood sugars are not normal, but they're not quite in a diabetic range and we know that every year there's a progression.

So I think it's a big deal and it's very good thing that you are picked up early. In diabetes in most conditions the earlier you are diagnosed with diabetes or even a complication of diabetes, they need to start aggressive therapy and prevent the progression or minimize progression.

So when you are prediabetic if you're someone living with diabetes you've got to say hey this is a huge way to go, even if the caregiver doesn't get too excited because they're dealing with much sicker patients and I'm not putting down the caregivers they have priority and they're swamped.

They went into the field of medicine to help people, but sometimes there is what we call critical inertia, too slow to make changes, and I have a phrase called patient inertia, patients sort of ignore things. So I think it's a golden opportunity to say Okay, now is a good time to really improve my lifestyle.

I'll live a longer and healthier life for doing that anyway, and if I can prevent myself from getting diabetes or slow down the progression, then it's a win-win situation.