Dr. Steve Elias - When Should Someone Seek Treatment for Varicose Veins?

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Most people treat sipping/g for varicose vein disease and the symptoms of varicose vein disease for a number of reasons. Many times they have significant symptoms, such as aching or throbbing or heaviness, tiredness of the legs or swelling. That bothers them enough in their life that they'd like to have something done.

There are other patients who simply just don't like how their veins look and that's a good reason. You don't have to be worried that I'm just fixing my veins because I don't like how they look, you get up in the morning, you make sure you look nice, you want to have your legs look nice also.

So there are people who seek treatment for cosmetic reasons. Thirdly, patients who have had complications of vein disease, such as phlebitis, or inflammation of the veins, ulcers or sores down at the ankle because of the pressure down at the ankle, the skin begins to open up or they've had blood clots in the past.

So, people seek it for feeling better, looking better or to take care of complications.