Dr. Steve Elias - Is sclerotherapy effective?

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Patients always ask, how effective is this sclerotherapy? Are the veins going to come back? How am I going to look afterwards? It's very important their patients understand they're going to look better than before they had the treatment, and it's going to take time for this to look better.

Sclerotherapy is not an instantaneous or perfect procedure. Most people feel they look around 70-75% better. So a lot of the veins disappear and a lot lighten up, but are we going to make your legs look like you were 16 again? Absolutely not. We wish we could, but we can't if patients understand they are going to be better and it's going to take time for them to look better, in general they're going to be very happy with the results.

If they are expecting perfection, or they are expecting an instantaneous result, we try to discourage patients. It's very important to understand what you can accomplish and what we can't accomplish.