Dr. Steve Elias - How are varicose veins diagnosed?

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The diagnosis of varicose veins is relatively simple. Most people themselves can diagnose whether or not they have varicose veins. They only need to look down at their leg and see are there veins bulging, are they larger than usual? Are they more curving than usual? Or more blue than usual.

The true diagnosis of varicose veins though is made using a non invasive study called ultrasound or people sometimes call it a [UNKNOWN] or duplex study. This is study that uses just sound waves to look at the veins, not just the ones the patients see under their skin but once are a little bit deeper.

These veins may actually be the cause of the visible veins, the important thing to understand is that the diagnosis of almost all vein disease can be made non invasively without any pain, any radiation, or any discomfort to the patient.