What Is a Natural Remedy for Gas and Bloating?

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It's interesting. I find most of the people have experienced gas and bloating, usually it's not only a digestive system, usually it's a problem that the body has too little stomach acid. So what happens is when you eat food, it goes down into your stomach, and if there is not enough acid there, then you know the parietal cells aren't doing their job secreting hydrochloric acid, then the food becomes overly processed for digestion, and that's how you get that gas and bloating feeling.

A perfect remedy for this, is instead of taking something like gasex or a protein pump inhibitor, like prevacid or one of these medications, if you just take the simple hydrochloric acid tablet. This will add the needed acid to your stomach so your food can be digest properly. You can find a load of hydrochloric acid tablet in most nutritionally-oriented pharmacies, or at your health food store.

I'd recommend a dose of about 150 mg after each meal.