What Can I Do to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle As a Cancer Survivor?

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Well actually I think if you're a cancer survivor, you should still treat yourself as though you have cancer. They say cancer is not in remission unless you've had get it out of your system for at least five years, so what I tell my patients I have them eat the same diet, do the same exercise program and take all the same supplements they were doing while they are in treatment for cancer therapy.

I say that probably the most important thing is to eat an organic diet. And I always say to people, would you take a carrot and spray with raid and then eat it? Well of course you wouldn't. But if you're eating non-organic food that's exactly what you're doing. The pesticide gets with inside the food or vegetable it can be washed off so you're going to be injesting that pesticide, the whole idea is to lower the toxic, lower to the body, and that will help the body cleanse and detoxify itself.