How Is Detoxification Related to Fasting?

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Detoxification is the process that the body uses to get rid of toxins. Fasting would be a motive detoxification, so during the detoxification process the body spends very little time digesting since you are not eating you may just be drinking green juices or drinking water or something like this during the fasting period, so all the proper enzymes can be utilized to rid the body of toxins of pesticides of difference toxins that have build up within the fat tissue. I wouldn't necessarily recommend fasting as in just drinking water or not eating, I would recommend using fresh squeezed vegetable juice.

I think six to eight glasses of fresh juice daily would be fantastic. When you juice you remove all the fiber so the body doesn't have to waste time digesting the fiber it can just utilize all the living enzymes found in the juice, this is really very helpful.