How Can I Stop Worrying?

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One of the most important ways to stop worrying is to literally distract yourself. One of the things I recommend is the idea of doing another activity. If you are busy doing something that you have to pay attention to like fixing a puzzle or putting dishes away from the dish washer, you can't be worrying at the same time.

Another really great way to distract yourself from worrying is to focus on the positive, is to think about good things in your life, because you can't think about something good that's happening at the same time as you're worrying. I recommend that people get a positively jar, take sometime and write on little pieces of paper all the things that you can think of that are positive in your life, things that you're grateful for, things that make you happy, it could be anything from I'm a good person to I have a good husband to my child did really well in Karate last week, put it all in that jar.

And the minute you feel yourself worry, run to the jar and start pulling out the positives, that way you'll be focused on something good instead of something negative. Another great strategy is to take time out to worry, carve out 10 minutes a day set a timer and literally allow yourself to be the one and only block of time that day that you can worry, and worry about anything you can think of I also recommend grabbing a pad of paper at this point and writing your worries down on that list.

Make a long list of anything you could think of that you would worry about because it gets it out of your mind and on to the page.