Is there Any Exercise I Can Perform for the Muscles in My Neck?

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So there are lots of facial exercises that you can perform not only for the face but also for the neck. One that I particularly like is you hold your neck in neutral and straight position, so straight spine and your head in neutral position and basically you stick your jaw out like you have an under bite, so jut your chin out like that and then once you keep your chin jutted out like that, then you raise your neck all the way up, and you're really going to feel that tightness in pulling on the neck muscles, and that's going to help your platysma muscle.

And you repeat that manoeuvre this way with the chin out and then bring it back to neutral. You do that 10-20 times daily. And those exercises are going to help tone up the neck muscles, and that's going to help improve the appearance of your neck definitely.