How Can I Cut Calories from Condiments?

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So there is a few ways, one, watch your portions instead of, when you're out getting dressing on your salads, sauces on your food [xx] so that you can control the portion, may be just tip peer pocken and drizzle on it instead of putting on it, may be some dress you can even water down by even adding lemon juice to them then look at what you're having, maybe instead of having a lot of heavy dressings and things like that, you can use lemon with a little bit of grated cheese maybe you want to use salsa which is loaded with vegetable and various lower in calorie, and also just look at how much sugar than the different condiments, and how much fat, and things like that.

One thing you can also do for some of the heavier sauces is use fat Greek yogurt to replace the heavy sauces that are full with cheese and calories and fat.