How Can I Control My Food Intake To Maintain Weight Loss?

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So one thing that's really difficult is to watch our portion sizes. There is a lot of little tricks though, one thing that you can try to use is chop sticks, it always takes a lot longer to eat your food with chop sticks using small forks, small spoons, even use your plate to be like an appetizer size instead of a dinner size.

When you drink cereal use a mug instead of a big bowl, that way you can fill it up and you'll look like you're getting a large volume but you're really not. Another idea regards to portion [xx] when you're purchasing something, look at the packet how many servings it has. Don't just think that what you're given is that amount you're supposed to completely eat.

Of course we know we shouldn't eat an entire box of cereal. So why don't you one day look at how may servings a day and the serving size, and take that measuring spoon see where you're actually supposed to be having just to get a sense of what it is.