What Are the Best Ways to Fight MS Fatigue?

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MS fatigue is a kind of arise from a number of different factors including sleep abnormalities, diet, the way you exercise the depression and then the disease it self. So you have to take a good history from the patient, make sure that they're sleeping well, they're not getting up five times to to go to the bathroom, have bladder breaks but once you've determined that the sleep is okay, the depression is not a factor, other causes of fatigue like anemia disorders have been ruled out because MS patients are prone to some of those conditions because of the medications that they then you can address fatigue from an exercise point of view, exercise helps fatigue, measure exercise that you can do under supervision of a physical therapist and also there are certain medications that you can use for fatigue that are very effective if it's purely an MS fatigue that every other factor has been treated.

Also I think it's important to treat the disease optimally and you optimize the disease-specific treatment, but we have a team approach to fatigue and if you apply that then it has good results.