What Are Some Anti-Aging Superfoods?

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There's new research that shows that, what you eat could actually help slow down aging, and that's due to the anti-inflammatory effect of certain foods. Take it one step further, when you combine two foods that body system can actually help maximize the absorption of these anti-aging nutrients. Let's take a few examples.

Number one, grapefruit and avocado. We all know that tomatoes are high in lycopene, that plant pigment, but did you know that pink grapefruit is also the top notch source of this compound, that's going to help prevent cell damage that occurs with aging? Pink grapefruit in itself is a juicy addition to your diet, but I also recommend combining with avocado.

The secondly factor in a heart healthy fat, you're going to maximize the absorption of that lycopene so your body can use it better. The next food is also a food zero, and I always recommend having a little bit of dark chocolate with apples. Who can resist such a delicious duo? The dark chocolate and apples are both rich in the compound flavonoids, and these disease fighting compounds are actually more effective when eaten together, and you could whip up a simple dessert for only 37 calories by chopping up an apple into wedges, and dipping them in dark chocolate, roll it in a couple of nuts, and stick them in your fridge.

Each wedge is only 37 calories, and again could satisfy a sweet tooth, and it's a heart smart combo. Another great combination is Brussels sprouts and olive oil. Brussels sprouts, just like other dark, leafy green vegetables are booming with lutein, another plant carotenoid that's going to help protect your vision in this case, and we want to prevent age related macular degeneration and cataracts.

The lutein in brussels sprout is going to be turbo charged absorbed when you combine it with olive oil, or any other heart healthy oil like canola or peanut oil. You can whip up an easy dish by steaming some brussels sprouts in the microwave, drizzling some olive oil, and you have a healthy dish in minutes that's also jam packed with other important nutrients for your overall health.

Finally, if you want simple, think about green tea, which we know is an anti-inflammatory superstar, but squeeze some lemon inside, and now you're boosting the absorption of those disease fighting catechins in the tea, and that's because the citrus in Vitamin C allows the catechins in green tea to linger longer in your digestive system.

This is good news for your skin. If you're looking for firm, younger looking skin, protect the skin cells from sun damage, you want to just combine the lemon in your green tea everyday.