Why Is the Term Sex Addiction Controversial?

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There's a lot been written about in the media, online, tv about the term sex addiction and I really wanted to help people understand what the term is, and what it isn't. And so what I try to tell people is when people are compulsively either using porn, or having sex either with their partner or with someone outside their relationship, in a way that's taking up so much of their time, energy and it almost gets into a fantasy world where they get cut off from their responsibilities, their relationships, their families, then it becomes a problem.

And it's not really addiction because addiction is usually the term we use right for dependence on alcohol, a substance like drugs, prescription drugs. So we in Sex Therapy World even though we don't all agree about it, I tend to use the word Compulsivity because it's more akin to eating disorder right? We all need to eat, but some people can't help but eat past the point where they're not really hungry because is in an emotional thing.

Well, some people continue to have sex for reasons that have nothing to do with real hunger or desire or their libidos. It really becomes about many genes from some sort of anxiety, some sort of a new disorder and that's different then an addiction to a substance.