Why Has the Book "Fifty Shades of Grey" Become So Popular Among Females?

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Fifty Shades of Grey have become a huge phenomenon among women all around the world. Why? Because it really has encapsulated the two things that women really look forward to in sex. One is a sense of being taken care of. Christian Grey is a master lover. He knows exactly what to do to turn on his lover on, and many women who carry so many responsibilities would love it if someone could come and just know exactly what they were doing, read their minds so to speak and touch them in the way, exactly the right way to turn them on, but it's not just about the sex although it does open a key hole to peek through into the world of BDSM, domination and submissiveness, but what the other thing is that's so important about this book is that it's a love story.

The woman isn't a passive participant here, she has a mind of her own, she has desires of her own and over time she learns to match Christian, will to will, and I think that really empowers women and they love that part of the story. So everyone loves a good love story, and here there's a sex to do that really gets steamy and hot.

So I think that's why it' become such a huge phenomenon.