Why Do Men Like to View Pornography?

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Well, porn offers men variety and one of the things that, especially if you get into a long term monogamous relationship one thing that lacks is variety and sometimes innovation and so, one thing the porn offers is novelty, it's someone new that you're watching everyday, whatever like that.

And the other thing is that it's really about self pleasure, and it's really about thinking selfish and thinking about themselves and that's really a turn on for men and the other thing they can be goal oriented. Men are much more into sort of getting the job done if you know what I mean than women are, women are like much more process oriented they like to be wooed, they like to be desired, they like to be held.

It's much more for a lot of women is much more of an emotional experience so, I think it's sort of a different head space that you've to get into. I think the opportunity here when you talk to your partner is to find out what it is, what is the right trigger and for different men, it's different thing, sometimes it is novelty and sometimes is a situation that really he find erotic but he might feel too embarrassed to actually bring up to you and so actually for a woman, it's opportunity to bring up what the erotic turn on for you? Is there is something you want to enact with me? And for him to actually sort asking you what your turn on, turn on all.