Why Do Many Women in Long-Term Relationships Lose Their Desire?

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Many women lose their desire in long term relationships for a variety of reasons. I would say that it's a combination of hormone changes, taking care of children if they are in the house, and also being the primary home care person, and taking the responsibilities of the home. And all those responsibilities really deplete the emotional physical energy, so that sex actually gets put at the bottom of the list, and you don't think about it as something that you used to really enjoy and actually can give you energy.

You think of it as yet another chore and what I encourage women to do is to really put it back up on the top of their list because it is an energy giver, but you may have different needs now, it doesn't come as easily and so what you have to do, is think about ways that you can give yourself the time, and that's a big one for women, giving themselves some time to really reflect on things that turn them on, that engage them with their partner and to creatively devise ways that they can have a more sensual experience with their partner.

And that takes a lot of time to just sort of creatively think about. I think that it's a woman's responsibility to really figure out what her libido needs and whether that means going to see a sex therapists or going with her husband or partner to a sex therapist. It is something so important to a relationship, and I really encourage people not to avoid or to go for a long time without addressing it.