How Can Negative Emotions Affect a Couple's Sex Life?

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What happens very frequently when the stresses of life really get the better of a couple, is that they start a cycle of negative emotions, and it becomes a feedback loop. One snaps at one, the other one snaps back, and it becomes sort of a spiral down in the mood of the couple, and this affects sex life because while some people can snap out of it, and compartmentalize their negative feelings, most a people and actually many women feel like they can't switch gears if they're upset and hurt and angry and frustrated they can't switch gears, and say hey let's have sex.

It just doesn't compute for them. And so what you really need, if it becomes a cycle is get some help. Just start to really resolve those issues because if they're on the table, and they just get sort of reformulated, and argued it over, and over again, your sex life is going to weng it just will.

So it's important to get those complex results so you can move on.