How Can I Be Sexually Adventurous with My Partner?

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Couples complain that they get into a rot over time, where the choreography of their sex place becomes very boring and there's no surprise. So one the things I talk to couple about is becoming a little bit more sexually adventurous. I ask them things that they thought about doing, wanted to do, seen in movies and really gotten turned on by.

And I asked them to start making lists of things that they would like to do, then they fold these little, each idea up, little pieces of paper and they put it in a box. And each week they take out, one person takes out one of the ideas, it could be either one of their ideas and they create the time, the space to make sure it happens.

So whether that's going to hot air ballooning together or whether and having sex on a hot air balloon or whether that's going to a rock concert together and even though that's not sexual, it builds tension and it changes things up. The other thing is you can actually put areas of your body that you want more attention paid to, and that can be also one the things that you do together.

So one of the things I ask couples to do is to lie on the floor, just like you're in kindergarten, with a piece of paper underneath their bodies, and to draw an outline of their bodies, taking turns for each person to do to another, and then each partner colors in the parts of their body that they want touched.

And they could even write in details off how they want to be touched that way. And it becomes like an art project, but it can be very erotic and then you could go and act it. So there are a lot of different ways to really become more sexually adventurous, but first you have to ask the question of your partner.

What is it that you've always wanted to do but never told me?.