Dr. Oz - sex lasts how long?

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At a certain point in your life, it becomes the most awkward subject in the world and there're simply nothing more uncomfortable to talk about even with your doctor, talking about sex. That's a sensitive topic, you probably want to get your kids out of the room because we talk pretty openly about it in a second.

Sex therapist Sari Cooper is joining us help answer these questions that are very uncomfortable for some of you. So Sari why is it so difficult for folks to open up even with their doctor about sex? It's a great question because the most doctors I think in their medical training are not trained to ask people about their sex lives, and I think they're trained more to wait for a patient to bring in a problem.

And I think also culturally, religiously, sex education, people are sort of trained to feel like sex is a taboo subject. And they also feel I think that their particular problem is abnormal. So we're going to blast through those barriers today, get rid of taboo ideas and we talk about topics that a lot of you who have been asking us, and we're going to go that way OK, first up is Debby, come join us Debby.

Thanks for being here. So what's your question Debby? After about four minutes of having sex, I tend to usually be done. How long is it supposed to last? Four minutes? Four minutes. Does you husband have a magic touch because it's over? You know what, what can I say. So four minutes you're done? Yeah.

Sari, is that a magic number? What is the magic number? How long should it take? Well let's talk about intercourse, let's talk about sex, and actually. This was sex you're talking about four minutes of sex, not with the intercourse? No. OK. Alright, so look I think the magic number, the average number for intercourse is anywhere between 3, 7 minutes, maybe 12 minutes max.

And I think there's a lot of anxiety that people feel like it should last longer, I mean you see things in movies and you read things, and it's supposed to be sort of guy rock us every time and I really think that, I believe and I tell patients this that sex is sort of like the menu and when you go to a restaurant, there are on trays, there are appetizers, there are sides and soups and salads.

The buffet. It is and sometimes I just want a soup and salad, sometimes you may want a whole [xx] and so I think you have to sort of open up that Dr. Scott. For sure, just to be bumped about this, is there an international, it's time to wrap up sign, what happens if you're done? You know you gently say to your husband or you can talk about it ahead of time or you can have non verbal signal, maybe a little love tap, may be just like I'm full, you can create a whole, what do you say to restaurant? Yeah, I'm done.

What do you say to your husband when you're done? I usually don't say anything, I just hope that he gets the whole vibe, so. He's not forgetting the vibe. Yeah he's pretty good with picking it up and many times speed up, so. I didn't realize it was possible. This is fascinating, Demmy thank you very much, thanks for your question.