Does Childbirth Make My Vagina Bigger?

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Has your vagina gotten larger? Yes. So, what would make you think that's the case? Well, ask my husband, he'll tell you, he's the one that been complaining. So your husband has complained? There are are some awkward questions you probably shouldn't ask you know. Certainly in private.

Not after 28 years of this. So, why you feeling that? Things aren't what they used to be. So, I've heard this rumored before, what do you think, does it happen? Definitely, Definitely. Look, when women give birth, it's a trauma to your body. And it really stretches out a lot of different areas and certainly the number of births you have makes it stretch out more and there are two areas, Dr.

Oz that I guess I want to focus on. The vaginal opening which gets torn sometimes during labor, episiotomy can widen it and there's an area inside the vagina what we will call the pelvic floor structure, which is like a whole kind of net or web of muscular [xx], and it gets really stretched out during birth, so he's right, he's feeling something.

And can we tighten it? Can we exercise? Actually we can. We can, but I'd really want you to understand what. First of all you have two children you mentioned. Two. And were they vaginally delivered? Yes they were. Because if you have Cesarean section don't ask this question because if c'mon let me show what's happening.

Come on up, let me show what is happening when we think inside the body. [xx] kindly talked about two kind of different factors but think about this is a pelvic floor. After you've had one baby for most women, if this is the child, you're pushing in there and watch, bounces right back.

Right. Show me what happens after two years, push the system there, push down incubate. You notice it doesn't pass quite as much but it definitely begins to bounce back. After three children, you'll see that, you'd end up with a change that is a lot more difficult to reverse, so it does make a difference how many children you have had.

You made an important trade off in your life. You avoided an inhibition from a cesarean-section, you've born miracles into the planet. But this is something that we have to work out. So walk us through some exercises, the keyboard particular but there are some details of this and a lot of folks don't appreciate.

Right, so usually after you deliver a baby, your abstitutional fag, do these [xx] exercises and mistake that most women make is after a few months, they stop doing them. And you can never ever stop doing [xx] exercises for that PC muscle, because you need it life long to keep that it's sort of like, you know building muscles here.

And so the other thing that they, doctors really don't tell women which I think they should. Is that you should use that muscle during intercourse because if you think about it, it's tied extreme and you're contracting against his penis, it is providing more friction, is providing more pleasure and the other secret.

Chew are you listening? You've got a smile on your face. It still hurts Jane but. [xx] off for the team. And the other thing that women don't realize is is the better shape you are in with your PC muscle, you can actually get a better and larger orgasm yourself. Okay Thank you very much [xx].

back to the sweet [xx] you are going to reveal all natural Coming up next, [xx], we are going to reveal all the natural miracles that satisfy all your biggest [xx] there is more than just to help you melt away, so [xx], stay right there.