How Can I Fit Sex Into My Busy Life?

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[MUSIC] I'm sex therapist Ian Kerner and I am here with today's Share Care sex tip of the day. So how do you fit sex into your busy life? It is a common complaint. We are all running around like crazy, doing our jobs, many of us have kids, how do we have time for sex and often by the time we collapse into bed at the end of the night we want to do nothing more than just maybe watch a little TV, check our email and collapse and go to sleep.

So it's really important to start making sex a priority. I have to tell you sex ruts are really dangerous. They really make relationships vulnerable. So you really have to prioritize intimacy. What does that mean? Well maybe you'll develop the art of the quickie and find little ways of getting it on and getting it going.

Sometimes a quickie doesn't even have to involve an orgasm. It can involve touching. It can involve of connecting that it can involve hugging and it can involve even just sharing a sexy text, or a sexy conversation with your partner, but it helps to build a little bit of anticipation throughout the day I think the other thing couples have to do is find creative ways to create more quality time together.

maybe you should have a baby sitter come over and the baby sitter goes out with the kids and and you stay home and have sex. Or maybe you get in the habit of waking a half hour earlier so you can have sex on occasion, or maybe there's a day where both you and your partner can work from home and you can squeezing a little sexy time then.

So whatever the strategy it's important to just take the time to really prioritise intimacy, have sex trust me it will be time well spent.