Which Weight-Loss Products Are a Waste of Money?

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The number three outrageous diet fat, and I love watching information around this. Our weight loss gadget, like this horrible patch, I wish, the belly burner, the vibral belt pro. Samantha what do you make about this? This gadgets are supposedly designed to help your body loose weight.

I'm going to have dR oZ get dressed here, don't tell his wife. There we go. So what this does, what this vibral belt intended to do is stimulate your muscles, your stomach muscles, and that's supposed to give you rock hot abs. Well of course there is no, no FDA approvals say give you rock hard abs.

Have you tried this? This is that oh my goodness. An over time, you put the whole rest of your body attached. You have to work whole body and you exercise, there is no such felt might be fun, but it's not going to get you in great shape not your whole body. But I think we need to give this to you for Christmas.

I'm taking this home. You're not going to believe the number two outrageous diet fat, it's called, That Tongue Patch Diet. Samantha I didn't actually believe this existed, but you have a little footage, go walks us through this. We have some footage for you, you're all going to be rather stunned.

What happens is you go to a plastic surgeon, he takes a piece of mesh with a needle and thread and sews it onto your tongue. Saws it on to your tongue with sutures, and the all point is so that eating is so painful that you will not eat. Now, what diabolical mind thought this up? I don't know.

It's physically abusive. I'm just staned that's even out there. You know, there is your ways to to do this, I think we can be watch mats. Just going to remember one outrageous diet fed we had to talk about. They're the weight-loss pills like the action tred TrimSpa, hydroxycut, but these are easy to get.

Folks find them to advertised all the time in the web, what's your biggest concern? Well, I have several concerns one is these products in general often has stimulants like caffein and when you take too many of them over time you can have rapid heart wait, anxiety and isomnia and then what we are finding from FDA a lot of recalls where pharmaceuticals great drugs are being found in needs over the counter products and they can cause real serious health problems.

Let me give you an example, the FDA last year issued a warning to consumers to stop using these hydroxic cut products, because twenty three folks has serious problems including liver injuries. The actual death in this group as well. The products were contaminated. They felt they were with the recalled and new reformative versions now back on the market.

But you know dietary supplements are not strictly regulated by the FDH. You actually know what's in them. So if it starts a vitamin or your body smoking but you added something before especially if it's a concoction with a lot of things, you're always going to be the cause of that.

So thank you very much for your say and all this, the outrageous diet facts. When we come back the countdown continues with four beauty secrets from around the world.