What Is the Key to Lasting Weight Loss?

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The key to lasting weight loss is the multi-gazillion dollar question that we're all looking for that answer. But you want to stay motivated and you want to feel good about yourself, and if you feel yourself sliding back into old habits, go see a registered dietitian, he/she can help you get back on track.

Something simple you can do, keep your food record, write down everything you eat everyday and then review that food record and see maybe where you overate, maybe where you skipped a meal, maybe where you had an extra dessert that you didn't need, food records can be very helpful and very informative to help you stay on track, so you want to feel good?

Remember, it's a lot easier to maintain weight loss than it is to lose weight that is already gained. Get support from other people, there's a lot of online resources as well, and remember, your health is so important and feeling good about who you are and feeling good energetically has everything to do with what you're eating and exercising everyday, so it's really good to stay motivated and stay on track.