What Is a Good Exercise to Flatten My Belly?

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We have ab flab and that's that roll around our middle, that tire. We want to do exercises that we think will get rid of it. A lot of us are doing pilates and abdominal exercises, and while those are terrific to strengthen the muscles in your abdominal area, in your core, they are not necessarily going to get rid of the fat that's piling up there.

Cardiaovascular exercise is what will help you reduce fat all over your body and certainly in that middle belly area. There's two levels of fat there, there's the fat that you see, the fat that you can pinch that hangs over your belt, but there's also a deeper fat called visceral fat, and that's the fat that can be very dangerous and release a lot of inflammatory compounds.

So the cardiovascular exercise, research is suggesting actually helps reduce both of those deposits of fat, so it will keep you healthier. So just get out and start walking if you're not exercising already, it's easy and you know how to do it, you will always be glad you did.