What Can I Do to Get Rid of Belly Fat?

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Do you have belly fat? Well a lot of us do and it just likes to be deposited there for some reason, and where your body stores that is pretty much genetic. Men tend to have more belly fat than women, but then when women go through menopause we start depositing around our middle as well. So what can you do get rid of it?

Well cardiovascular exercise seems to be the key. In fact there are studies that show that people who engage in regular cardiovascular exercise, maybe doing one or two miles a day, three of four days a week, we're just talking about walking here, not even running, even without cutting calories, these people in the study, lost some of their belly fat. So you need to get up and physically be active to help lose some of that belly fat. Studies are suggesting things like smoking, binge drinking, and saturated fats, that fat that comes from butter and cheese and red meat, may contribute to belly fat as well. You're not destined to have a fat belly, you can really do something about it, just keep that exercise everyday.