What Are the Healthiest Choices for Frozen Desserts?

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Especially in the warmer weather, we love our frozen desserts, they taste good, they're refreshing, actually some of them are good source of fluid for us, but they do tend to be high in calories, they do tend to be high in sugar. So, there're healthy ways you can do it. If you take that plastic six pack container you have of empty Popsicles that you buy in the grocery store, if they are empty, and you can fill it with 100% juice, you can throw in some fresh fruit, and you freeze them. You are going to have healthier snacks, they are frozen, and they're delicious, and your kids will like them.

What you can also do is take regular yogurt, or your plain non-fat Greek yogurt, or just non fat plain yogurt, or even vanilla, mix it with some fruit, freeze those, and then when you take those pops out, you can roll them in some chop nuts, or some whole grain cereal, and that's a very good dessert as well, and again, if you have your children help you plan that, or put that together and make them, they will be excited about it too, they won't miss the higher fat, higher calorie desserts.