What Are Some Healthy Food Substitutions?

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If you're just starting to look in your pantry and see that some of those foods aren't so healthy, it's pretty easy to swap out what's there for some healthier choices. So you take care out that great big bag of white rice and replace it with a bag of brown rice. You can take out your english muffins and replace them with whole wheat english muffins.

Get some beans, put some beans in your pantry those are terrific, there's nothing you need to swap out for beans like cheak peas, kidney beans, cannellini beans, blackeyed peas, those're all really good for you. Get the natural peanut butter instead of the peanut butter we grow up with, that's all hydrogenated, and even if it's not it's got a lot of sugar and salt in it, so natural peanut butter that has the oil on the top and the salads in the bottom, you stir it up.

It's a little messy, kip it in the refrigerator or on separate out as much, that's also an easy swap. Go with low or nonfat frozen deserts. If you're going to have a frozen desert, the lower nonfat is the better way to go and you can even make your own fruit pops, just take 100% fruit juice, put them in one of those pop containers, pop them in the freezer and you have a healthy desert.

So those are just some easy swaps you can start with today.