Is Frozen Yogurt Healthier Than Ice Cream?

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People love the idea of having frozen yogurt as a healthy dessert and we think we're doing something so wonderful for ourselves and in fact back in the 80s when the first companies came out, and were promoting these soft so frozen yogurts, we were flocking to the stores and eating them, I'm thinking it was a great thing.

For some reason the popularity decreased, and then recently around 2005 some new yogurt shops popped up who ticky flavors started popping like pomegranate, passion fruit, green tea, mochi, all kinds of fun flavors, and now there's a huge resurgence of popularity of these frozen yogurt shops. And most people think, it's a healthy, low calorie treat, and in fact I think a lot of us think that when we get that frozen yogurt, it doesn't count at all.

But the truth it is a desert and it does have calories and actually frozen yogurt has more calories than you think. You can go to the website of some the more popular yogurt shops across the country, and the serving sizes they give are for half a cup or four fluid ounces. But they don't offer that serving size in the store usually.

So you don't really know what you're getting, and then let's say you're being very good, and you get a small, and then and the guy behind, or the girl behind the counter fills it up and then they add all these fluffy stuff on the top, so it's like this far above where the rim of the container is, and you're like so excited about that actually getting all these extra frozen yogurt, but you're also getting a lot of extra calories.

So there's a a lot easy hidden calories in frozen yogurt that one needs to be careful about. In addition, frozen yogurt have lot of sugar. A small half cup serving has about 20 grams of sugar, so 20 grams is five teaspoon s of sugar. Are you putting five teaspoon s of sugar in your coffee or in your tea?

Some of us might be, but we don't tell, so don't tell anybody I do that, but I actually put a lot of sugar in my tea however, The American Heart Association says, for women you're only supposed to have six teaspoons of added sugar for the whole day, for men, nine teaspoon s. So this one small frozen yogurt, chances are you're getting more than you think, you're getting your whole daily allotment of added sugar.

So it is loaded with sugar, doesn't mean you can't have it and enjoy it, you just have to really monitor that potion size, and one other thing about the frozen yogurt are the toppings. Now we have bad news for you and that is the sprinkles have calories, they do whether they're rainbow or chocolate, not only do they have calories, but they can contain partially hydrogenated fat, that translates into trans fat, and while you're thinking well but I'm not eating a lot of sprinkles, there you have frozen yogurt twice a week with sprinkles most of the year, that's 80 times, a year you might be having those trans fats.

I have a no trans policy, I think we should just skip the sprinkles and tell the companies we've formulate them, because the companies who make sprinkles don't want you to know that there's trans fats, so if you look at the label when you buy them in the store the print is really, really tiny very hard to see those words.

Now the other topings you have, chocolate chips and cheese cake bites, and crashed candy bars and some of the candy bars by the way have transfats.. These toppings can add up to hundreds and hundreds of calories, and when you watch them put those toppings on they're loading them on that frozen yogurt so much you can't even sometimes get a top on if you're going to put a top on it.

They're hundreds of calories. So here is the tip that I shared with Dr. Oz today. Take a teaspoon , give it to the guy or a person behind the counter and say I want one teaspoon each of my two favorite toppings, that way you get the crunch, you get the flavor and you're saving off literally hundreds of calories.

Another great option is the fruit. Now all fruit can add up with the calories with fruits you get vitamins and minerals and fibers so the fruit is a good idea.