How Can I Stay Motivated When Dieting?

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I don't love the word dieting because the word diet I think instills fear in people. So you want to think about making healthy lifestyle changes that you can keep forever and ever. For example, have breakfast. A lot of us skip it, I've been guilty of that sometimes too, and then you end up, and studies show that making up for the calories you skipped in eating more later in the day.

You're hungry, you're cranky, you don't do as well, so have that one simple change and try to eat a healthy breakfast. And that will include some protein in a whole grain like peanut butter on a whole English Muffin or some granola in some fat free yogurt, yogurt has the protein that will help you stay motivated because you won't be hungry, you won't be miserable. So little lifestyle changes, simple steps you can keep that will really, really help.

Does it take a little bit of self discipline and some focus and a real commitment? Absolutely.