How Can Dieting Affect My Energy Levels?

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When people are quote unquote dieting, a lot of times it means deprivation. So people starve themselves. When you starve yourselve, yourself the body is going to slow down, try to conserve calories, it does not want to lose weight that fast. It doesn't understand that you're not eating on purpose. You'll get tired.

You'll get again cranky, you'll not function well during the day because you'll be uncomfortable. It's physically uncomfortable to be hungry. We all know that. So one of the biggest mistakes people make that really affects their energy is slashing too many calories, don't slash a lot at once, even if you only slash a 100 or 200 calories a day, that would be two cookies, or an extra yogurt, or midnight snack, your body won't notice those 100 or 200 calories in terms of feeling hungry deprived, but you'll start to loose some weight very slowly, and that's the way your body likes it.