How Can I Get My Kids to Eat Low-Fat Dairy Foods?

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With children over two years old, they should already be transitioning to low or non-fat dairy and the reason again is that saturated fat, we want to have a lot less of it in our diets. So it's starting them young on fat free milk or low fat cheese or fat free yoghurt, it's a really great thing to do.

If they are older and they are used to the tastes say of whole milk, then start transitioning start with 1% milk. I know you're thinking 2%, but that's pretty close to whole milk. So 2% whole milk very similar, go to 1% and then you can transition to the fat free, also known as skimmed milk, you can also do again if you're not having dairy you can have the unsweetened soy milk.

One fun thing you can do with your kids if they don't like yoghurt or dairy which is OK you can take the nonfat plain greek yoghurt, put it in the empty popsicle trays that you could the plastic ones that you can buy in a grocery store, layer it with some fruits, freeze them and that way you have your own healthy frozen yoghurt, and when they pop out and they are frozen, you can roll them in some nuts or some granola, and kids will like like those.