What Are the Benefits of Low-Fat Dairy Products?

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Okay, so low fat dairy products are really useful, because and especially when it comes to losing weight. And this is why. The more they contain calcium, right, and you need a little fat to burn fat, a lot of people don't recognize that. But the more calcium that you store, that is stored in fat cells, the more fat you actually burn.

So examples of low-fat dairy products, any dairy product, for example cheese, so low fat cottage cheese, or low fat cheese of any kind, you want it made with two percent milk. You see, a lot of times you'll see mozarella made with part skimmed milk and also 2% milk. So as long your dairy product whether it's milk, whether it's cheese, and whether it's yogurt, Greek yogurt made with two percent milk.

These are all great examples of how to get more low-fat dairy in the diet.