What are Healthy Ways to Season and Dress a Salad?

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So, the healthiest ways to season and dress salad, first of all use a full fat dressing like an oil and vinegar or a vinegratte that is oil based, rather than cream based. Because you need some fat, the healthy fats like the omega fatty acids that are found in the olive oil, for example.

To help you metabolize fat soluble vitamins. The other thing is that when you add those to the leafy greens that you're going to put the dressing on, you get protection against heart disease and stroke, you get protection against rheumatoid arthritis even, so, it's a win any way look at it.

So here's my personal fav. It's my go to salad dressing, it is made with white balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. You can add to that crust watermelon, you can add any fruit, berries, mangoes, peaches, the fruit of your choice and make a fruity vinaigrette. Go to doctoroz.com or visit doctoroz.com and get my full recipe.

Pennies for serving two ingredients just a minute to make.