How Can Eating Breakfast Help Me Lose Weight?

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Well first of all, eating breakfast helps you to lose weight because usually and here is the thing, you want a high protein breakfast, you want a high protein breakfast, so buy that I mean you can have eggs, you might even add low fat cheese to that, you might have a glass or a couple of low fat milk in this breakfast, and now here is the thing, you can actually add a sweet treat occasionally people, like a small doughnut, a small piece of chocolate cake, for those of you who thought you could never ever have another chocolate chip cookie or you could never have another piece of cake, forget about it, what I'm telling you is that it's possible to do every once in a while to indulge and live a little, but you've got to do it at breakfast and you've got to do it in the presence of a high protein.

When you combine protein and these carbs, what you get is satiety, that means you feel full and you don't have cravings for fatty sweet foods throughout the rest of the day. That is really the secret here, and a recent study taught us that people who ate a low carb breakfast compared to those who ate a high protein breakfast and added a sweet treat actually goes in the group that ate the high protein back breakfast, and added a sweet treat, lost more weight and continued to lose it over those who ate a low carb breakfast.

Why? Because, their levels of the hunger hormones called grelin plummeted when they had that small doughnut or piece of cake, or cookie at breakfast. So, words to the wise, don't blow your calorie budget for the rest of the day, you can't just proceed with reckless abandone but you can have a sweet treat in the presence of a healthy breakfast, a high protein breakfast every once in a while but make sure you have that treat in the morning.