How Can Monounsaturated Fatty Acids (MUFAs) Help Me Lose Belly Fat?

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When MUFAs help to reduce belly fat because first of all MUFAs are minor unsaturated fatty acids, and they help to reduce belly fat, because they are anti-inflammatory, so they actually help you to shrink fat in the belly area. Good examples of minor unsaturated fatty acids are avocados, nut oils, and seed oils like olive oil, and we use these in food and in cooking all the time, and you would be surprised when we talk about anti-inflammatory, you know, health benefits, not only is it helping to shrink belly fat or fat in the belly area, but anti-inflammatory action all over the body, so even if you have arthritis, it's one of the reasons why you might have had that, if you get more olive oil in your diet, you're likely to reduce pain, joint pain, and muscles soreness because of its anti-inflammatory nature.