How Do I Treat Dry Skin?

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The first thing to do when treating your dry skin is to, get a moisturiser that is adequately rich and you're going to stay moisturized for 24 hours. That's the biggest thing. So if you're putting a body lotion that's just mostly water, an hour from the time you put it on till you look at your skin again it's all gone.

So you want something that's long lasting, that's filled with a lot on humectins in there, and they all label the packaging and such. That is the most important thing, and limiting the number of showers you take, when you're more prone to having dry skin, you really shouldn't be showering more than once day unless you are like a construction worker or you're, working out a lot then you need to shower again, but that just means you have the whole ritual again but just choose your products properly and just be sure to limit the showers as much you can when the weather is colder.