How Can Exfoliating My Skin Keep It Healthy?

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I'm going to refer again to the winter. So in the winter when you skin is dry, that dry skin you're seeing is just dead dry skin stuck on the surface, so a good way to get rid of that is to exfoliate. There are two way to exfoliate, you can do physical exfoliation or you can do chemical exfoliation.

Physical exfoliation is probably what most people are accustomed to which is where you get a luther or some kind of scrub when you're scrubbing the skin surface. Another way of getting that same effect is with body scrubs that you get out of the jar and the granules are removing the dead cells.

Chemical exfoliation, that's going to be where you get a product like a body lotion that has the exfoliating ingredients already built into the product. ook for ingredients like urea, look for lactic acid, alpha hydroxy acid. Those are ingredients that are known to naturally exfoliate the skin cells and you use those products daily and you get benefit without irritation.