Are There Some Cleansers That Work Better for Dry Skin?

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There are definitely cleansers that work better for dry skin. Think about what's happening to your skin in the winter, you're really dry on the outside, so you should be thinking of adding moisture to your skin. So when you buy body washes for example, look for products that say moisturizing, or hydrating, or that it has added oils in it, whether it be a liquid cleanser or bar soap is not as important, if you're getting a liquid cleanser, look for something that has maybe omega oils, sesame oils, some kind of oils added.

If you're getting a bar soap, just perhaps looking for the word hydrating or moisturizing on the bar soap, that's going to be a key and that product will probably be formulated with lots of shea butter and other kind of ingredients that are going to hydraete your skin. This is really important, that you switch over, you can't use the jell cleansers that you were using in the summer and think that they are going to help to hydrate your skin in the winter.