What Medical Specialists Can Help Treat Autism?

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Autism is a childhood disorder, the onset of the disorder is before the age of three, doesn't mean you have to be diagnosed before the age of three, but the presence as features are before three. There are three features, one is a deficit on language, communication, the large range within that spectrum from children that are mute to children that have good language but don't use it appropriately.

In their language, they may not have reciprocity of language, they may talk about specific things, topics and learn those topics. They've good language, but they use it in a different way. The second feature is a social deficit, that deficit again ranges from children out of rejection of the whole social contact, until those children have very good social skills, but again there's oddities to those skills that maybe that socially they play with their younger children only or older children only, their relationships mainly not be reciprocal as long as you play, their way they're really happy, but if they want to play, that child wants to play in a different way, not so happy.

The third feature is repetitive behavior for their self stimulation with the range from children that have body self-stimulation repetitive behavior and they rock back and forth, they may flap their hands, they may spin themselves in circles. On the other end of the spectrum you have children that are just inflexible, they may have a certain obsession, certain passions and very restricted kinds of interests.

Those the three features of autism.