What Is the Connection Between Vaccines and Autism?

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The connections between vaccines and autism is what we call correlations. It's based upon time. When do children receive the vaccine? When does autism become apparent? Around the same time. So unfortunately the attributed vaccines to autism because there's closely related in time. There's also a study that came out of the UK years ago, that made that attribution that vaccines were a cause of Autism.

And really, the preserver and than the vaccine were merely seen as the cause. where's the scientific evidence? Well, there's absolutely not a shred of scientific evidence that the preserver causes autism, not a shred. There's been over 1000 studies have looked at this and not one has shown there's a link between the two.

But tragically, children are receiving vaccines and tragically is resulted in children receiving mumps, measles, [xx]. It's caused death because of this correlation and because it's one [xx] study. We've got to do better than this. We've got to be critical thinkers. We've got to look at what the causes of autism are, but not bringing anything because of correlations, because of associations.

We need to look at scientific evidence, back the preservers, there is no scientific evidence whatsoever.