What Causes Autism?

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We simply don't know the cause of autism. There's been no research evidence that helps us know the cause. It's a complex issue because it's an environmental versus heredity kind of discussion, nature versus nurture, some even debate in psychology forever. Same in autism how do you what's the cause? Is it nature, is it nurture, is it environment, is it heredity? They're linked together.

It's impossible yet to pull those out to know which is the true cause. Speculation is that it's a neurological disorder that needs the right environmental conditions. That's probably the cause of autism is that interaction between the two which really doesn't lead us to what the cause of autism is, it is nature and nurture combined together.

Unfortunately through the years of autism there's been wide speculation what the causes are, and there's been no evidence to what the causes are but there has been beliefs that the causes are environmental and nature, so we've looked to all sorts of environmental issues they haven't proved to be the cause.

We've looked at causes from being the mother being a refrigerated mother which was initially thought to be and how devastating is that to think the mom is the cause of autism despite no sign of the evidence that's so. Luckily we dismissed that years ago. We got to be careful in looking at the cause of autism because often we get into blaming certain individuals, we often get into looking environmental issues that don't exist.

We simply do not know the cause of autism.