Is There a Cure for Autism?

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Is there a cure for autism is a controversial area in the research. From my standpoint no, there's not a cure for autism. If autism indeed is a neurological disorder, then we can't change the neurology of a child, we can help the child compensate for the difficulties. They can with time present with no longer having the symptoms of autism, but it's not cured.

We talk about recovery within the Applied Behavior Analysis Field, that recovery is a possibility, but you have to define what recovery is. There's three features to recovery, one feature is that children after treatment no longer present with the features of autism. The second definition of recovery is IQ is within a normal range, and the third definition being they're able to participate in general education without supports.

These are the three features that we call recovered. let's look at the possibility is recovery, is that a possibility or a probability? We find with good treatment and early treatment it is a possibility, children can get the best outcome, where they no longer present with autism, where their IQ is in the normal range and when they can be educated in general education with limited to no supports, recovery is a possibility.

We just completed a study, a ten year study, a preliminary study where we examine the possibilities and we found that with early intervention the majority of our children did get to that best outcome that recovery status. So it is a possibility but I would never say cured.