How Should Autism Be Treated?

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There are literally hundreds of treatments available for children adolescents adults for autism, unfortunately not all those treatment are embilically based. Many of them have absolutely no research whatsoever to support their use, their effectiveness and most have limited at best.

The only treatment really that has the most empirical support is apply behaviour analysis before [xx] ABA. Applied behaviour analysis that treatment is bases upon going theory is really good educational practices when you receive a per behaviour analyses. If education nature that, you teach show them that skills are necessary, you look every child, you'd assess their strength and weaknesses you look at those deficits, and you teach.

you teach communication skills, you teach social skills, you teach playing skills, you are a teacher but you are an outstanding teacher. Its not just as simple as teaching, it's becoming what we call obsessive teacher. Breaking skills on small little parts teaching us small little parts until you get to master those skills.

Is providing motivation, understanding that all learners need motivation. Children with Autism press in  a little more motivation because they are not internally motivated often times nor socially motivated. So you got to create motivation so that there is incentives to learn. It's practising.

You just cant do a skill one time, it's multiple sometimes that you have to practice a skill, and this is all parts of a applied behavior analysis, it's all part of teaching process that we use with tronopotism as I said it's the most research based treatment there's been hundred's of studies I've looked at aspects of the pribing here now as the treatment of tronopotism the outcome studies that have shown the effect on the sub Autism.

Showing that when children get the right kind of treatment, they can make outstanding progress with some children [xx] children that no longer present what the doctor the character synoptism, children that have typical language, and intelligent IQ scores children that are general education without support, this is all possible with the right treatment.