How Can I Help My Child with Autism Have Better Relationships?

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We help [xx] autism better relationship by making emphasis treatment once again, it's a matter of being a priority, it's understanding that children of autism although they may have a social deficit, there is tremendous need for them to become social, there's tremendous need for them to have meaningful friendships and it can actually happen as long it becomes emphasis of our treatment.

It's putting away the myths that children with autism are anti social, that they don't are interests in social relationships, we find it quite the contrary, they are incredibly interested in it, they just don't have the skill areas and are not receiving the right kind of education and the right kind of treatment to promote that.

It's a matter of looking at children with autism and identifying what are the areas they need to improve upon that will lead to meaningful friendships. The tragedy of autism is too many children with autism, adolescents, adults, don't have meaningful friendship because it hasn't been in emphasis.

And we've looked at other areas to treat, this is the area we have to treat primarily. Autism is a social communication disorder when you look at it. It's a matter of emphasis, it's a matter of treatment, it's a matter of understanding that the ultimate goal is social connections.

Because it's a quality of life issue.