Can People with Autism Improve Their Social Skills?

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We're very hopeful in the treatment of children, adolescent, and adults for autism. We also believe that we can prove any scale as long as we're good teachers, social skills are one of those things we need to emphasize on treatment. It's showing one of the features of autism is definitely shown in social skills.

It's one of those things we must emphasize because it's a quality of life issue. We need children with autism, adolescents, adults, to have meaningful social connections, to have meaningful friendships, and this comes about through the improvement of social skills. It's a matter of teaching.

It's a matter of emphasis. Where if you have a child with autism and look at where their deficit areas are socially, and help to improve those by teaching them alternatives. Giving them tons of practice. Provide motivation for social skills. So they develop into meaningful, have meaningful friendships and when you have meaningful friendships then you have all the rewards in your life, you have the quality of life.

Something that's critical that we work on social skills with children with autism.