Why Should I Eat Bigger Meals Early in the Day?

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This one's a game changer, free and easy advice. Not only will it help you beat your bloating, it will help you lose weight also. So most people don't know that the digestive tract has a bed time, it's most active in the morning when the sun rises and it's least active at night when the sun sets.

Unfortunately that's when most of us are putting in all our calories, or most of our calories. So what you need to do if you're bloated is eat a big lunch, have your main meal at lunch time and have a very light dinner. This is what the Europeans do. So you have your big sort of hot meal at lunch time and a very light dinner.

I tell my patients eat breakfast like a queen, lunch like a princess and dinner like a pauper. You can eat a large breakfast that's ideal too, but lots of us don't have time for that.