What Can Cause Dry Mouth?

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So dry mouth is a very common problem and fortunately it is usually a denying problem. There is a number of things that can cause it, there are medicines that people take frequently antihistamine that dry up sinuses but also so dry up your mouth are a common cause some blood pressure medications can also do and some people get dry mouth because they are dehydrated so making sure you have enough fluid in your tank, and that you're drinking at least one or two litres of water a day is a great way to guard against dry mouth, might be a good idea to take a look in your medicine cabinet to see if any of the things you're taking in there could be drying you out, then sucking off on something sour whether it's a lemon or a piece of hard candy, your dentist might not be as happy about that but something sour will often stimulate the salivary gland to start secreting more fluid and will help with dry mouth.