What Are the Treatment Options for Fatty Liver Disease?

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So, the treatment of fatty liver disease really involves significantly changing your diet and losing weight. And the good news is just as an increase in weight, increases your risk of fatty liver disease decreasing your weight significantly decreases the risk, and incorporating more fruits and vegetables into the diet which contain important nutrients that can help liver to heal, as well as losing weight are really to main state instead of cornerstone of therapy.

But, there is promising new data of four vitamin E supplementation, and there's data that suggest that can help to hold the progression of fatty liver disease from the original deposition of fats to the inflammatory stage, and that's very, very promising news there was this study from [xx] clinic a major Japanese study and also study in the new journal of medicine.

This should be done under the guidance of the medical professional, because of vitamin E doses are used in studies were higher than those we will typically recommend and vitamin E does has some toxicity, but I recommend getting vitamin E from foods. So, avocados, nuts and green leafy vegetables are great sources of vitamin E, and they also will help with your weight loss effort.

So, that's another way to approach it. Finally, for N stage liver disease, if you're fatty liver progresses to sclerosis liver transplantation is really the only option there, and unfortunately in-stage liver disease can be fatal if not treated. Liver transplantation is an incredibly overwhelming procedure to have the surgery itself is major.

It involves taking significant drugs for the rest of your life. Having a lot monitoring and maintenance, there's significant risk even after the liver is transplanted, risk for infection and suppression of the immune system. So, this is not something that we would recommend somebody going to lightly, and by far the better option is to try through dietary modification and exercise, to reverse the liver disease when it's still in the reversible stage exercises help for not just a way to help you lose weight but it helps with insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance is a major factor for fatty liver disease. Studies have shown that 30-60 minutes of vigorous exercise every day, can really help with insulin resistance. And even if it doesn't result in significant weight loss, can still help to treat fatty liver disease.