What Are the Benefits of Taking a Digestive Enzyme Supplement?

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There are three ways we can get digestive enzymes our body make them naturally our digestive organs like our pancreas and small intestine can synthesis digestive enzymes. A second way is from food particularly raw fruits and vegetables. Pineapple contains that digestive enzyme called bromelain and papaya contains one called papain that's actually the basis for meat tenderizer, it helps to breakdown protein.

The third way is through supplements, you might wonder why do you need a digestive enzyme if you're body can make them naturally, and if you get them through food? Well as we age our body makes less digestive enzymes, but we may still be eating a robust diet, so we still need to help break down all that food.

The other thing is that people take lots of drugs everyday that they don't realize can affect digestive enzymes, things like antacids, steroids, hormones, anti-biotics. Those all affect our digestive enzymes and can make them less efficient. And finally, many people are eating a processed diet that's not rich in natural digestive enzymes.

If you're not eating lots of fruits and vegetables, you might have low level of digestive enzymes. Digestive enzymes work synergistically with our gut bacteria. The enzymes break down the food and then the gut bacteria help to digest the foods so that we can absorb the maximum number of nutrients.